Who am I?

I grew up in Coventry in the UK, and did my undergraduate degree at the University of Bath. In 2019, I moved to Heidelberg in Germany to begin a PhD finding open clusters in data from the Gaia satellite. It’s a big move but it’s also very exciting! It’s my first time ever living abroad and is sure to be an adventure.

I am a gay, trans woman (she/her), and am fiercely passionate about improving inclusivity & equality in science for all. To quote the charity Pride in STEM, “Science does not happen in a vacuum.” The environment in which we conduct research can have a profound effect on the productivity of minority groups. It is essential that science is a welcoming place, so that all minds can flourish and achieve their best.

Outside of astronomy, I’m also a live sound engineer, guitar player and tea enthusiast. My favourite loose leaf tea is the delicate and floral Bai Mudan, a white tea from Fujian Province in south-east China (which I’m pictured drinking on the right.)

Image credit: Mathy Siva