an astronomer on a quest for new star clusters

header credit: European Space Agency / Gaia

Who am I?

Based at LSW in Heidelberg, Germany, I’m an astronomer on the hunt for new star clusters in data from the Gaia satellite.

I’m passionate about programming, equality in science, and science communication. Make sure to take a look at my blog or find out more about my research!

So, today I got an emotional but uplifting email from a 17 year old trans teenager who has been struggling recently but has high hopes for the future.

Except… I wrote it over 6 years ago, and addressed it to myself to arrive today on my 24th birthday. Wow.

Your paper is only good if the content is good, not because you’ve dropped a S1ck Burn in your abstract that an unruly 8 year old would think is “constructive criticism”

please please please don’t let the US election result be the worst part of 2020. Pleeaaaseee

#VOTE, you have a week to get an early vote in if you can or you can go vote in person on the day

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